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Some showers may linger Thursday morning, however mainly dry weather is expected through the day. Wet weather will return late on Friday and periods of rain will persist through early next week. Gregory Stephen "Greg" Grantham, loving husband and father, passed away peacefully at his Fort Bragg home on November 25,after a short battle with esophageal cancer.


Greg was a kind and gentle soul, with a great sense of humor, adventurous nature, and artistic sense. He had enormous passion and integrity in all that he did. He touched many lives and will be greatly missed.

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Greg was born in Oakland, on November 29, He enlisted in the Army and served in Vietnam, arriving there during the Tet Offensive. Surviving the horrors of war and befriending many Vietnamese people fed his deep sense of compassion for others. It was at Sonoma State that he met the love of his life and future wife, Sarah Quentin. They married insettling in Inglenook.

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Their daughter, Kelly, was born in He pioneered the Marine Science Technology program, allowing many students to pursue higher education or careers in marine science. He also taught two summers in Palau, Micronesia-one of the highlights of his teaching career. Greg was an inspiring, challenging, and entertaining teacher, and took enormous pride in his work. His hobbies included world travel, scuba diving, ocean kayaking, and bonsai.

He travelled the world with his family to remote locations and made many friends along the way.

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He revisited Viet Nam with his wife, Sarah, in His family would like to thank Mendocino Coast Hospice for their services. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to local scholarship funds in his name, Noyo Center for Marine Science, or Mendocino Coast Hospice.

The meaning of this new moniker remains a mystery. Nice photo of Nobelist Mullins. It was midday and he reeked of booze.

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Loud laughter ensued, but it was actually quite sad. Alcalay won the debate with ease as far as we were concerned, but Mullis made his points and did not sound drunk. The other three were when then-private attorney Keith Faulder debated John McCowen, KC Meadows and Ross Liberty on the subject of the cannabis re-regulatory Measure B not the later one on mental healthwhich turned into a fiasco when the station suspended Meadows for voicing her opinion [gasp!

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All three programs were proof that KZYX could be a forum for proper discussion and debate of local issues, but seldom even tries. Oh, there was one more semi-debate when pre-blackballed programmer John Sakowicz had me on to debate Richard Shoemaker and Sean White on the subject of wine grape water usage and regulation.

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Needless to say, of the two, White was the much more formidable debater. Williams: In the big picture, the goal here is to legitimize an industry and have it be regulated.

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We are fortunate that we have so many players who want to come into regulation and be above board and pay taxes and protect the land and lookout for the environment and be good neighbors. We need some way to separate them from what Sheriff Kendall points out is real outlaw activity and organized crime, and gunshots at night, activity that's a nuisance and affects public safety. The mechanism we have to separate them is permitting and licensing.

Yet the state has created a system that nobody can get d. So we are about to push the entire industry back into outlaw status where we lose the environmental oversight and the tax base and the protections of regulation.

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There may be some opportunities in the year ahead. The state is talking about merging the agencies. It may be an opportunity to reconsider some of this regulation.

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Mendocino County is in a unique position in that we have a large legacy industry. A lot of people ask me, Well, look at this other county and how they're doing it. Take Nevada County, I think they had 38 permits.

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When you are working at that scale the thousands of dollars you lose on each one isn't that big a deal. You have more of an administrative cost and you get the work done. But when you have applications and thousands more behind them and it's new development, we are not looking back two years or three years but we are looking back 30 years or 50 years on some of these parcels.

There is a lot of development to document. So we have a unique problem. Compounded on top of that is our county has some culpability. I went in thinking CDFA was creating problems for us.

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But look at it from their perspective. They gave us about four years to connect the dots.

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We are three years in and we are saying, Hey, we can't do this. They would have stepped up. They are now wondering why did Mendocino County commit to this if they couldn't follow through? But the bottom line is it's not just the state.

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The legislature through SB 94, the voters through prop 64, made it very difficult for small farmers to transition into the legal market. But we certainly haven't helped.

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The people we have on this today are part of the solution. Megan Dukett is working incredibly hard, understand the details, pulling in Trent [Schultz, Director of Planning and Building] as necessary, looking at why the system has failed before and being honest. It's a lot harder to stand up and say this is not going to work than to say, Hey we are working on it, we are streamlining it, we will get through this. A year from now we may look back and say, Hey, it didn't work and they told us as much. There may be a point in time when we have to be honest with ourselves and realize that this is Mendocino doing something different than the rest of the state.

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We are not going to get the same sort of support as other counties that are all in line with each other. Haschak: Someone brought up a situation the other day in Monterey County, Salinas area. They were working with a mitigated negative declaration and they had a process that was approved by CDFA.

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It was like 34 applicants and the total square footage was 4. Doing the math, each applicant was averaging oversquare feet for each one of those grows. That's kind of the conundrum we are in. IT TOOK ME three count 'em transferred calls to finally get the Public Defender's voice mail, and his voice mail voice was female, which wasn't his voice unless someone happened to have his nuts in a vice when I called.

Mantra time: In a county of 90, people and a small legal apparatus one would think it would be possible to reach one of their majesties without a lot of phone menu tag and muzak holds. I was calling for a Yes or a No on the recurrent rumor that Tim Stoen, 83, has returned from his Colorado retirement to work as a public defender.

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Got an almost immediate call-back from the PD himself, Mr. Aaron, who told me the Stoen hire, if it is a hire, "is a personnel matter" and therefore not to be revealed until it is, one way or the other. Under the late Linda Thompson none of them were allowed to talk to anybody associated with the Boonville weekly, your basic self-defeating policy since we're basically sympathetic to the Defendant Community, some of whose cases would be helped by sympathetic coverage.

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MY FAMILY has produced two public defenders, one who thinks he's never defended a guilty party, the other who said he got so tired of representing guilty parties he went to work for Kamala Harris in SF as her domestic violence guy, the irony inside our family being that we considered him a victim of domestic violence given the monstrousness of his wife at the time.

I'm not surprised at how many people seem discombobulated by the temporary and well-deserved vacation that Ricardo Suarez and Company are enjoying because the Drive-in is even more Local Sluts Brooktrails CA to the life of Boonville than ever, what with Pic 'N Pay destroyed by fire, and AV Market on reduced hours. The Drive-in being directly in my office viewshed, I see people peering in the darkened windows and rattling the doors all day, not quite believing that the business is temporarily shuttered.

Under the slogan DisruptTexts, critical-theory ideologues, schoolteachers and Twitter agitators are purging and propagandizing against classic texts—everything from Homer to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Dr. No author is valuable enough to spare, Ms.

But seriously, kill him. NO SURPRISE that the intersectionality nonsense is of major concern to the titans and would-be titans of capitalism because, very generally speaking, the rightwing is hostile to the academic world because it's hostile to them, the intersectionality fascists beging especially hostile to them.

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But really, much ado about nothing as that racist, sexist, homophobic dog-pig Shakespeare said five hundred years ago. I'll be extra-vigilant.

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The ol' jive juice biz may look placidly tidy on the surface, but boyoboyo don't let appearances fool you dear prospective reader. Did you know that DNA is 5D. You can learn about how the tree of life is a 2D representation of a 5D substance that is found all over the earth.

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It also tells us how the tree of life is related to human DNA.

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